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====== Welcome to the Magneto-Science WIKI ====== ---- The Magneto-Science Wiki is under construction. ---- 13th-17th October 2013: the scientific program of ICMS2013, the International Conference on Magneto-Science is hosted by wiki site. **Browse the [[icms2013:abstracts|abstracts]].** **Check the [[icms2013:program|program]].** ---- ---- Magneto-Science focuses on magnetic field effects on processes, including physical, chemical and biological processes. Magneto-Science is a broad and interdisciplinary subject, concerning both fundamental mechanisms and industrial applications. Some examples are given below. * Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) deals with the interactions between a conducing liquid and a magnetic field such as in solar flares or in electromagnetic pumps for liquid metal in industry. * Magneto-static forces are used to separates impurities from mining ores and can also be used to compensate gravity, to indeed evidence the gravity effects on processes such as cell division, solidification ... * Magnetic nanoparticles are used in ferrofluids, a magnetic liquid usefull for bearings, loudspeakers ... Magnetic nanoparticles can also be very efficient in water purification ... This magneto-science wiki can be entered by two means: * considering the [[Scale]] at which the mechanisms apply * considering the [[Interactions]] acting in the phenomenom

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