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 +Magnetic levitation means the application of a magnetic force to compensate gravity. Even so called non magnetic materials can be levitated thanks to very high magnetic fields. In particular, [[diamagnetic]] materials requires fields of the order of 20 teslas, but can then levitate and stay stable, without any contact. Such materials includes water, ethanol, proteins, organic substnaces, etc...
-Impressive movies from MSSJ web site in japan ! 
 +  * [[Examples of diamagnetic levitation]]
 +  * [[Stability of diamagnetic levitation]]
 +  * [[Magneto-Archimedes levitation]]
 +Impressive movies from MSSJ web site in japan !
 [[http://​​english/​gallery_en.html|MSSJ movies]] [[http://​​english/​gallery_en.html|MSSJ movies]]
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