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{{ :icms2013:logo_icms.png?nolink |}} =====POSTER SESSIONS===== ---- Two poster sessions are being held during the conference. All posters are displayed during both sessions. * Poster session P-I: Tuesday afternoon. Odd abstract numbers. * Poster session P-II: Wednesday morning. Even abstract numbers. ---- __CHIRALITY__ * Yoshihiko TOGAWA (a71) - [[icms2013:a71|Chiral Soliton Lattice in a Monoaxial Chiral Magnet]] __MICRO AND MACRO MHD__ * Fu LI (a32) - [[icms2013:a32|Influence of rotating magnetic field on phase structure control in Al-Si hypereutectic alloys]] * Qiong LONG (a2) - [[icms2013:a2|Effects of MHD flow and field gradient force on the morphology of Fe/Fe-Si alloy particle coatings in high magnetic field]] * Maudy MULDER (a48) - [[icms2013:a48|Stability of thermo-magnetic convection in weakly magnetic fluids]] * Penwei ZHOU (a8) - [[icms2013:a8|Behavior of Fe/nano-Si particles composite electrodeposition with a vertical electrode system in a high parallel magnetic field]] __HIGH TEMPERATURE PROCESSES__ * Reisho ONODERA (a51) - [[icms2013:a51|Influences for the crystallization of Iron-based amorphous alloys under a high magnetic field]] * Yuya SEKINUMA (a76) - [[icms2013:a76|Pore Structures of Activated Carbons Synthesized in Magnetic Fields]] * Weidong XUAN (a27) - [[icms2013:a27|Effect of a longitudinal static magnetic field on microstructures of Ni-based superalloy during directional solidification]] * Tianxiang ZHENG (a6) - [[icms2013:a6|Solidification of Zn-6wt.%Bi immiscible alloy under a high magnetic field]] __ MAGNETO ELECTRO CHEMISTRY__ * Alexandra LEVESQUE (a54) - [[icms2013:a54|Modulation of Co-based alloys magnetic properties by the coupled process: electro deposition and heat treatment under magnetic field]] * Jean-Paul CHOPART (a74) - [[icms2013:a74|Magnetic field effect on Ni-Mo alloy electrodeposition from citric baths]] __BIO AND ORGANIC MATERIALS__ * Mazakazu IWASAKA (a61) - [[icms2013:a61|Restrictions of convection and Brownian movements in biological suspensions under 5-T magnetic fields]] * Yutaka KATAGIRI (a39) - [[icms2013:a39|Magnetic Field Effects on Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Iodine Complex Formation in Aqueous Solutions]] * Masoumeh KESHAVARZ (a57) - [[icms2013:a57|Towards measuring polymer reptation in a magnetically aligned gel]] * Yuri MIZUKAWA (a25) - [[icms2013:a25|Effects of static magnetic fields on dynamic behaviors of adenine and cytosine crystals]] * Tomonori SAKURAI (a33) - [[icms2013:a33|Strong static magnetic fields-induced alignment of myotubes]] * Jian ZHANG (a5) - [[icms2013:a5|Static Magnetic Field Affects the Morphology and Proliferation of Osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 Cells]] * Zubir MOONDRA (a38) - [[icms2013:a38|Magnetic Field Control of Structure and Gas Adsorptivity of Organometallic Complexes]] __TRIAXIAL ALIGNMENT__ * Keiji FUJITA (a24) - [[icms2013:a24|Orientation Fluctuation of Microcrystals Under Frequency-Modulated Magnetic Fields]] * Mikako KIMATA (a22) - [[icms2013:a22|Determination of Chemical Shift Tensor of L-Threonine Using Magnetically Oriented Microcrystal Array]] * Kenji MATSUMOTO (a28) - [[icms2013:a28|Crystal Structure Analysis by In-situ X-ray Diffraction Measurement of Magnetically Oriented Microcrystal Suspension]] * Guangjie SONG (a35) - [[icms2013:a35|Solid-state NMR Study on 13C Chemical Shift Tensor of Magnetically Oriented Microcrystal Array of Cellobiose]] * Tatsuya TANAKA (a45) - [[icms2013:a45|Anisotropic Fluctuation of Crystallographic Axes under Three-Dimensionally Constraining Dynamic Magnetic Field]] * Chiaki TSUBOI (a29) - [[icms2013:a29|In-situ X-ray Diffraction Measurements of Three Dimensional Magnetically Oriented Microcrystal Suspension]] * Shu TSUKUI (a31) - [[icms2013:a31|X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Magnetically Oriented Microcrystal Array of Lysozyme]] __LIQUIDS, PARTICLES AND NUCLEI__ * Miharu ISHIBASHI (a23) - [[icms2013:a23|Preparation of Magnetically Oriented Green Compact of Amino Acid]] * Mitsuru SAKUMA (a37) - [[icms2013:a37|Magnetic Field Effects on Oxidation Reactions in Freezing Aqueous Nitrite and Ferrous Ion Solutions]] * Yoshifumi TANIMOTO (a13) - [[icms2013:a13|Magnetic Induction of Salt-Water Oscillator]] __LEVITATION__ * Yong-Ming LIU (a43) - [[icms2013:a43|Wetting in Microgravity Simulatedby a Superconducting Magnet]] __MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC COUPLING__ * Takao SASAGAWA (a72) - [[icms2013:a72|Magnetic Properties of a Half-metallic Kagome Ferromagnet Co3Sn2S2]] * Yuya SAWADA (a42) - [[icms2013:a42|Development of Optical Spectroscopy Systems at High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials in Tohoku University]] * Peter VAN RHEE (a75) - [[icms2013:a75|Giant magnetic susceptibility of gold nanorods detected by magnetic alignment]] * Tadataka WATANABE (a70) - [[icms2013:a70|Magnetic-field-induced elastic anomalies driven by spin-orbit-lattice coupling in orbital-degenerate frustrated spinel MgV2O4]] * Yohei YAMAMOTO (a14) - [[icms2013:a14|Magnetic-field Responsive Material That Exhibits Twist Deformation]] * Nikolai Bogolubov (a77) - [[icms2013:a77|The linearized polaron model system in a magnetic field]] ---- Back to ICMS 2013 [[icms2013:program|program]]

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