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Line 47: Line 47:
   *[[icms2013:​A72|Takao SASAGAWA (a72)]]   *[[icms2013:​A72|Takao SASAGAWA (a72)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A42|Yuya SAWADA (a42)]]   *[[icms2013:​A42|Yuya SAWADA (a42)]]
 +  *[[icms2013:​A76|Yuya SEKINUMA (a76)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A59|Peng SHANG (a59)]]   *[[icms2013:​A59|Peng SHANG (a59)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A65|Askar SHEIKH-ALI (a65)]]   *[[icms2013:​A65|Askar SHEIKH-ALI (a65)]]
Line 61: Line 62:
   *[[icms2013:​A31|Shu TSUKUI (a31)]]   *[[icms2013:​A31|Shu TSUKUI (a31)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A62|James VALLES (a62)]]   *[[icms2013:​A62|James VALLES (a62)]]
-  *[[icms2013:​A63|Omer VAN DER BIEST (a63)]] 
   *[[icms2013:​A19|Peter VAN RHEE (a19)]]   *[[icms2013:​A19|Peter VAN RHEE (a19)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A75|Peter VAN RHEE (a75)]]   *[[icms2013:​A75|Peter VAN RHEE (a75)]]
 +  *[[icms2013:​A63|Despoina VRIAMI (a63)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A20|Jun WANG (a20)]]   *[[icms2013:​A20|Jun WANG (a20)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A58|Xiaodong WANG (a58)]]   *[[icms2013:​A58|Xiaodong WANG (a58)]]
Line 80: Line 81:
   *[[icms2013:​A8|Pengwei ZHOU (a8)]]   *[[icms2013:​A8|Pengwei ZHOU (a8)]]
   *[[icms2013:​A38|Moondra ZUBIR (a38)]]   *[[icms2013:​A38|Moondra ZUBIR (a38)]]
 +  *[[icms2013:​A77|Nikolai BOGOLUBOV (a77)]]
 ---- ----
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