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====Magnetic-field-induced elastic anomalies driven by spin-orbit-lattice coupling in orbital-degenerate frustrated spinel MgV2O4==== ---- Takashi Ishikawa<sup>1</sup>, __Tadataka Watanabe__<sup>1</sup>, Shigeo Hara<sup>2</sup>, A. T. M. Nazmul Islam<sup>3</sup>, Elisa M. Wheeler<sup>3</sup>, and Bella Lake<sup>3</sup> <sup>1</sup>//Department of Physics, College of Science and Technology (CST), Nihon University, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-8308, Japan//, <sup>2</sup>//Department of Physics, Chuo University, Bunkyo, Tokyo 101-8324, Japan//, <sup>3</sup>//Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, GmbH, D-14109 Berlin, Germany// {{:icms2013:tadataka_watanabe_a70.pdf|}}

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